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Reviewing the best in non-mainstream acoustic guitar music

March/April 2018

Listen to a radio program featuring Bryce Mullins and Morild on Minor 7th's podcast.

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Who's playing the theme music for Minor 7th's podcast? Andrew Wrigglesworth. Check him out!

Here's our past podcast features:

Jan/Feb 2018: The music of Christie Lenée, Richard Smith
Nov/Dec 2017: The music of Dylan Ryche, David Youngman
Sept/Oct 2017: The music of Emma Rush, New Latitude, Antonio Monti
July/Aug 2017: The music of Daryl Kellie & Jon Hart, Eduardo Isaac
May/June 2017: The music of Andy Manndorff, Cory Seznec
Mar/Apr 2017: The music of Lance Allen, Cary Morin
Jan/Feb 2017: The music of Alberto Lombardi, Adam Karch
Nov/Dec 2016: The music of Shu Odamura, Spencer Elliott
Sept/Oct 2016: The music of Michael McDermott, Ali Deniz Kardelen
July/Aug 2016: The music of Julio Azcano, Calum Graham
May/June 2016: The music of Kris Schulz, Pete Kent
March/April 2016: The music of Jim Kimo West, Tim Williams
Jan/Feb 2016: The music of Ian Ethan Case, Don Alder
Sept/Oct 2015: The music of Bob McAlpine, Eric Tingstad
July/Aug 2015: The music of Luca Stricagnoli, Voo Davis
May/June 2015: The music of Julian Lage, Drew Gibson, Mike Dowling
March/Apr 2015: The music of Helen Avakian, Yes the Raven
Jan/Feb 2015: The music of Trevor Gordon Hall, Hiroya Tsukamoto
Nov/Dec 2014: The music of David Youngman, Adam Cantor
Sept/Oct 2014: The music of David Pedrick, The Faux Frenchmen
July/August 2014: The music of Tom Griesgraber & Bert Lams, and Sandy Shalk
May/June 2014: The music of Steve Dawson, Marin Paris
March/Apr 2014: The music of Dan Bankhurst, Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz, Paul Asbell
Jan/Feb 2014: The music of Pierre Bensusan, Sean Pinchin
Nov/Dec 2013: The music of Derek Gripper, Alex Kabasser
Sept/Oct 2013: The music of Davide Sgorlon, Guy Buttery
July/August 2013: The music of Roland Chadwick & Nick Linnik, Paul Rishell
May/June 2013: The music of Maria Quiles & Rory Cloud, Eddie Healy
Jan/Feb 2013: The music of Peppino D'Agostino, Ewan Dobson
Nov/Dec 2012: The music of Tim Sparks, Ari Hest
Sept/Oct 2012: The music of Adam Miller, Paul Benoit
July/August 2012: The music of Amelia White, Dylan Ryche
May/June 2012: The music of New West Guitar Trio, Australian Guitar Duo
March/April 2012: The music of Sergio Altamura, Hiroya Tsukamoto
Jan/Feb 2012: The music of Jeff Black, Vin Downes
Nov/Dec 2011: The music of David-Jacobs-Strain, Buzz Turner
July/Aug 2011: The music of Michael Fix, Justin Roth
March/April 2011: The music of Adam Moore
Jan/Feb 2011: The music of California Guitar Trio, Lee Westwood
Nov/Dec 2010: The music of Ben Powell, Fred Fried
Sept/Oct 2010: The music of Bill Mize, Stefan Grossman & Rory Block
July/August 2010: The music of Hamilton De Holanda, Antoine Dufour
May/June 2010: The music of Carter Lancaster, Bruce Mathiske
March/April 2010: The music of Clive Carroll, Philippe Fouquet
Jan/Feb 2010: The music of Jimmy Wahlsteen, Gabriel Szternsztejn
Nov/Dec 2009: The music of Maneli Jamal, Joe LoPiccolo
Sept/Oct 2009: The music of Daniel Santiago, Sergio Altamura
July/August 2009: The music of Ronn McFarlane, Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic, Bill Cooley
March/April 2009: The music of Andy Hall, Brian Vander Ark and Anne Weiss
Jan/Feb 2009: The music of John Shannon and Dan Arcamone
Nov/Dec 2008: The music of Olivier Giry, Ablaye Cissoko, Forastiere
Sept/Oct 2008: The music of Alex Kabasser, Joel Harrison, David Pritchard
July/August 2008: The music of Jimmy Robinson, Peter Ciluzzi, Kastning and Szabo
May/June 2008: The music of Jay Umble, Mara and David
Mar/Apr 2008: The music of Doug Smith, Kym Tuvim and Grisha
Jan/Feb 2008: The music of Thomas Leeb, Randy Browning and Fiske and Herrera
Nov/Dec 2007: The music of Tom Hemby, Sandy Prager and Michael Fix
Sept/Oct 2007: The music of Robin Bullock, Chris Cortez and Nadaka
July/August 2007: The music of Michael Kelsey, Jim Volk and Jud Caswell
May/June 2007: The music of Don Ross, Abby Ahmad, Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt
March/April 2007: The music of Michael Chapdelaine, Carey Ott and Goh Kurosawa
Jan/Feb 2007: The music of Vicki Genfan and Peter Janson
Nov/Dec 2006: The music of David "Goody" Goodrich, Alex Houghton and Lee Westwood
Sept/Oct 2006: The music of harp guitarists Tom Shinness, Andy McKee, Andy Wahlberg and Gregg Miner, Phil Keaggy and Aaron Brock
July/August 2006: The music of Stephan Bormann, Eltjo Haselhoff and LeRoy Bell
May/June 2006: The music of Tim Miller, Lee Rogers and Daniele Bazzani
March/April 2006: The music of Todd Hallawell, Brianna Lane and Ged Brockie
Jan/Feb 2006: The music of Ian Melrose, Drew Nelson and Mark Goldenberg

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