Minor 7th welcomes your CD for review, be it from an independent, small or large label! But before sending a CD, please familiarize yourself with some of the past Minor 7th reviews (see Archives) to make sure your music fits in. As a general rule, your CD must prominently feature acoustic guitar and be a recent release. We get a lot of solo fingerstyle submissions, which we do like, but we're also very much on the lookout for singer-songwriters and bands. Minor 7th has a blues/jazz/classical/Brasilian/alt-folk bent... we're much less likely to review country music, traditional folk, "smooth" or funky jazz. (Just think of the sound of the minor 7th chord!) We generally do not review "Various Artists" compilations. Since we are internet-based and include linkages to artist pages, you should have some sort of homepage or internet presence. If we've previously reviewed your music, and you have a newer release you'd like to send, check with us first. We like to give previously unreviewed artists precedence.

Christmas CDs must be submitted before mid-October to be considered for review.

We will always try to focus on the positive aspects of your work, but will also be honest. If you find a review unflattering please don't ask us to rewrite it or delete it. On the other hand, a review won't be posted at all if the music either doesn't fit into Minor 7th's "mission statement" (i.e. especially acoustic non-mainstream music) or if we find it counter to our own tastes. CDs can't be returned, so be judicious in what you send. Please keep in mind that we now get so many submissions that we regrettably turn away more CDs than we accept. We will contact you by e-mail to let you know whether your music has been accepted, usually within 3 months, so please include your e-mail address with your submission.

Send your submissions to:

Minor 7th
c/o Alan Fark, Editor
1281 Garden Gate Ln.
Lebanon, OH 45036

To contact Minor 7th or send digital music samples or links, please use our Facebook page.

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