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We will be giving away a copy of the CDs "Notes from Helen" by Helen Avakian, "Love is Covered in Dust" by Yes the Raven and the DVD "The Guitar of Skip James" by Tom Feldmann, all reviewed in this issue of Minor 7th. All you have to do is fill out and submit the form below, then join our mailing list (by going to the "subscribe" link), and you will be entered into the CD giveaway. Please enter only once, multiple entries don't increase your chances of winning. However, the longer you're on our mailing list, the better chance that you'll win! The winners will be announced before March 31.

Congratulations to Robert Claymier who won "One Day" and David Mihelich who won "Blues People." in Minor 7th's last free CD giveaway.

Our privacy policy is this: We only use your submitted information to send you a brief e-mail to let you know when Minor 7th is updated with a new set of reviews, and to give you a chance to win future CD giveaways. None of your information will ever intentionally be released to a third party for pay or for free.

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