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California Guitar Trio
Tommy Emmanuel
John Gorka
Maneli Jamal
Laurence Juber
Kaki King
Peter Mayer
Andy McKee, Stephen Bennett and Antoine Dufour
Tony McManus
Peter Mulvey
Ellis Paul & Vance Gilbert
Al Petteway
Phil Roy
Doug Smith
Richard Smith & Julie Adams
Chris Smither
Martin Taylor
Louise Taylor


Albert, Benoit & Christian Laborde - "A Deux"
Alder, Don - "The Acoustiholic"
Alder, Don - "The Best of Don Alder"
Alder, Don - "Not a Planet"
Alder, Don - "Armed & Dangerous"
Alexander, Tim & Sandy Shalk - "Giving Voice"
Allen, Lance - "Us Together"
Allen, Lance - "String Poet"
Altamura, Sergio - "Aria Meccanica"
Altamura, Sergio - "Blu"
Anderson, Muriel - "Wildcat"
Asbell, Paul - "Steel String Americana"
Avakian, Helen - "Notes from Helen"
Baker, Duck - "Kid on the Mountain"
Ball, Tom - "18 Pieces for Solo String Guitar"
Ball, Tom - ""Tis the Season"
Bankhurst, Dan - "At First Sight"
Barney, Steve - "Treeline"
Barone, Stefano - "particolare#uno"
Baughman, Steve and Robin Bullock - "Celtic Guitar Summit"
Baughman, Steve - "The Angel's Portion"
Baughman, Steve - "Old World Christmas"
Baughman, Steve - "The Almost Whiskey Waltz"
Baughman, Steve - "Life in Prism"
Bazzani, Daniele - "Truss Roads"
Bazzani, Daniele - "2006"
Bazzani, Daniele - "Untitled 2010"
Bazzani, Daniele - "Do Not Open (It May Contain Traces of Music)"
Beegle, Dave - "Beyond the Desert"
Bellar, John & Ron Neilson - "Two Guitars, One Heart"
Bennett, Stephen - "Reflections"
Bennett, Stephen - "In-A-Gadda-Da-Stephen"
Bensusan, Pierre - "Intuite"
Bensusan, Pierre - "Altiplanos"
Bensusan, Pierre - "Vividly"
Bensusan, Pierre - "Encore"
Bernardo, Carlos - "Água Nova"
Berryman, Pete - "The Return"
Beso, Amir - "Fatamorgana"
Blatt, Lawrence - "Fibonacci's Dream"
Blatt, Lawrence - "Emergence"
Bohm, Dagobert - "Circle Around"
Bonetti, Val - "Wait"
Bourdeau, Paul & Shane Simpson - "Wild Rice"
Brady, Will - "Boxwork"
Bresh, Thom and Buster B. Jones - "Guts and Steel"
Brown, Rolly - "Sunday Morning"
Bullock, Robin - "A Guitar For Christmas"
Bullock, Robin - "Rosewood Castle"
Bullock, Robin - "The Carolan Collection"
Burdick, Ben - "Acoustic Musings"
Burton, Scotty - "Bridges of Edinburgh"
Busch, Michael - "Dawn Dancer"
Buttery, Guy - "When I Grow Up..."
Buttery, Guy - "Songs from the Cane Fields"
Buttery, Guy - "Fox Hill Lane"
Buttery, Guy - "Live in Kwazulu"
California Guitar Trio - "The First Decade"
Cantor, Adam - "Sceyence"
Carbe & Durand - "A Bridge Between"
Cardamore, Kevin - "Steel Strings"
Carroll, Clive - "Life in Colour"
Carroll, Clive - "The Farthest Tree"
Case, Ian Ethan - "Run Toward the Mountains"
Casstevens, Mark - "Acoustic Inventions"
Chadwick, Roland - "Size of the Earth for Comparison"
Chapdelaine, Michael - "re-replay"
Chapdelaine, Michael - "Land of Enchantment"
Chapdelaine, Michael - "The Somogyi Incident"
Charles, Nick - "Return of the Travelling Fingerpicker"
Chasman, Paul - "I Hope"
Chasman, Paul - "One Man Guitar Festival"
Ciluzzi, Peter - "Music Without Words"
Ciluzzi, Peter - "Still Without Words"
Clef, Tony R - "Tuesday Afternoon"
Cockburn, Bruce - "Speechless"
Combs, Cindy - "Sunny Rain"
Combs, Danny - "Guitar Out Front"
Combs, Danny - "Chasing Guitar"
Congdon, Eric - "Acoustic Wanderer"
Congdon, Eric - "Into the Woods"
Coombs, Derek - "Guit Sense"
Coombs, Derek - "Say it Out"
Cooley, Bill - "A Turn in the Road"
Cooley, Bill - "The Return Journey"
Cooley, Bill - "In Search of Home"
Coppola, Michael - "Monster Guitar"
Craine, KC - "Guitar Notes"
Cruz, Edgar - "Pieces of Edgar"
Cullen, David - "Grateful Guitar"
Cullen, David - "Guitar Travels"
Cunningham, Dan - "Christmas Guitar"
D'Agostino, Peppino - "Nine White Kites"
Dalton, Willy - "Riverwalk"
D'Andrea, Craig - "Crazy is Catching"
D'Andrea, Craig - "...and the B.L.T.s"
Davies, JB - "First Songs"
Dawes, Mike - "What Just Happened?"
Dawes, Mike - "Era"
Dawson, Steve - "Rattlesnake Cage"
DeLalla, Michael - "Soli"
DeLalla, Michael - "This is How I Disappear"
Dellar, Nick - "Flying Fish"
de Meijer, Gert - "Acoustickled"
de Meijer, Gert - "The Spirit of the Turtle"
Dennie, Jason - "Just Enough"
Deevey, Andrew - "While My (Acoustic) Guitar Gently Weeps"
Dobson, Ewan - Ewan Dobson
Dobson, Ewan - "II"
Dobson, Ewan - "III"
Dobson, Ewan - "Acoustic Metal"
Dobson, Ewan - "World Candies"
Dobson, Ewan - "Insomnimania"
Douglas, Jerry - "Lookout for Hope"
Dougherty, Mike - "Southern Comfort"
Doughty, Francis - "Under the Sky"
Downes, Vin - "Skies and Openings"
Downes, Vin - "What Falls Away"
Dufour, Antoine - "Development"
Dufour, Antoine - "Existence"
Dufour, Antoine - "Convergences"
Dufour, Antoine and Andy McKee DVD
Dufour, Antoine - "Sound Pictures"
Dufour, Antoine - "Back & Forth"
Dykes, Doyle - "Zelf"
Earp, Jim - "The Collection"
Earp, Jim - "Aloha Guitar"
Elliott, Spencer - "Unspoken"
Elstad, Jeff - "Cedar Moon"
Elstad, Jeff - "Eventide"
Emerson, Howard - "Crossing Crystal Lake"
Emerson, Howard - "A Tale to Tell"
Emerson, Howard - "It Ain't Necessarily So"
Emerson, Howard - "The Wall Talks"
Emery, Anton - "Noone Lasses"
Emmanuel, Tommy - "Only"
Emmanuel, Tommy - "Endless Road"
Emmanuel, Tommy - "The Mystery"
Emmanuel, Tommy - "Center Stage"
Emmanuel, Tommy & Frank Vignola - "Just Between Frets"
Engelhardt, Toulouse - "Toullusions"
Engelhardt, Toulouse - "Mind Gardens"
Erario, Cosimo - "The Diamond Quarter"
Evans, Bob - "Caffeinated Coffee"
Evans, Bob - "4 on 6"
Evans, Bob - "The Voice in the Grain"
Fafard, Joël - "Rocking Horse"
Falligant, Louis - "Into the Gray"
Filkins, James - "Borderline Normal"
Filkins, James - "Summer Sands & Sleeping Bears"
Finger, Peter - "The Collection"
Finnigan, Les - "The Fiery Cart"
Finnigan, Les - "The Brave Dog"
Finnigan, Les - "Out in the Wild"
Fiore, Giacomo - "Tunes from an Open Heart"
Fix, Michael - "Something's Cooking"
Fix, Michael - "Rewind"
Fix, Michael - "Classic Fix"
Fix, Michael - "Two Timing"
Fix, Michael - "Time Lines"
Fix, Michael - "Lines & Spaces"
Fix, Michael - "Bending Air"
Flacke, Ray - "Songs without Words"
Flynn, Dave - "Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar"
Forastiere - "Circolare"
Forastiere - "Why Not?"
Forastiere, Pino - "From 1 to 8"
Forastiere, Pino - "Deconstruction"
Forastiere, Pino - "Village Life"
Fouquet, Philippe - "Turning Point"
Genfan, Vicki - "Up Close & Personal"
Gerhard, Ed - "House of Guitars"
Gerhard, Ed - "Sunnyland"
Gerhard, Ed - "There and Gone"
Gerken, Teja - "Postcards"
Gilbertson, Greg - "Limited Vocabulary"
Gilewitz, Richard - "Tasmania Live"
Gillis, David - "Wish Where You Are"
Gipson, Jaquie - "Hometown"
Gipson, Jaquie - "Images"
Giry, Olivier - "Entre Ciel it Terre"
Giry, Olivier - "Chrysalides"
Gomm, Jon - "Don't Panic"
Gonzalez, Raymond - "Open Tuning"
Gonzalez, Raymond - "Unknown Mariner"
Goodin, Jim - "Celtic Journey to the Path"
Gordon, Dallas - "Guitar Passion"
Gore, Brian - "Legacy"
Gould, Zeb - "All of the Morningbirds"
Graham, Calum & Don Ross - "12:34"
Graham, Calum - "Tabula Rasa"
Green, Jim - "True North"
Griesgraber, Tom & Bert Lams - "Unnamed Lands"
Guitar Republic
Gulezian, Michael - "Language of the Flame"
Gulezian, Michael - "Concert at St. Olaf College"
Halilic, Damir - "Infinity"
Hall, Trevor Gordon - "Entelechy"
Hall, Trevor Gordon - "Mind Heart Fingers"
Hallawell, Todd - "Before My Time"
Hallawell, Todd - "From Nashville and Back"
Hallawell, Todd & Robin Kessinger - "Ear Candy"
Hamlin, Edward - "Rooted"
Hammond, Ross - "Flight"
Hart, Jon & Daryl Kellie - "Set Adrift"
Haselhoff, Eltjo - "Fingerstyle Guitar Solos"
Haselhoff, Eltjo - "Fingerstyle Guitar Solos"
Haselhoff, Eltjo - "Guitar Magic"
Haven, Tony - "The Driftwood LP"
Hayden, Si - "Steel Roots"
Hayden, Si - "Acoustic Lines"
Helton, Johann - "Tell Me a Story"
Hemby, Tom - "Chasing the Wind"
Henke, Brian - "The Nature of Light"
Henke, Brian - "Seven Magic Spells"
Hill, Charlie - "The Landing"
Hirschelman, Evan - "Water in Darkness"
Ho, Daniel - "Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar"
Hoekstra, Joel - "13 Acoustic Songs"
Holdsworth, Gill - "Shooting Star"
Houghton, Alex - "More Love"
Houghton, Alex - "Happybody"
Howe, Steve - "Natural Timbre"
Hunter Van Larkins - "Myriad"
Huttlinger, Pete - "Finger Picking Wonder"
Isaac, Eduardo - "One For Helen"
Jackson, Doug - "The Performance"
Jacobs, Neil - "Secret Places"
Jacobs, Neil - "12-String Guitar"
Jacobs, Neil - "The Peasant Sabbatical"
Jamal, Maneli - "The Ziur Movement"
Jamal, Maneli - "The Lamaj Movement"
Jamal, Maneli - "The Mardom Movement"
James, John - "Descriptive Guitar Instrumentals"
Janson, Peter - "Winter Gifts"
Johansson, Lasse - "King Porter Stomp"
Johnson, Richard Leo - "Fingertip Ship"
Johnson, Richard Leo - "Language"
Johnson, Wayne - "One Guitar"
Jones, Buster B. - "Just Us"
Jones, Paul - "Baptism River"
Juber, Laurence - "The Collection"
Juber, Laurence - "Guitarist"
Juber, Laurence - "One Wing"
Juber, Laurence - "I've Got the World on Six Strings"
Juber, Laurence - "PCH"
Juber, Laurence - "Pop Goes Guitar"
Juber, Laurence - "Wooden Horses"
Juber, Laurence - "Wooden Horses, Instructional DVD"
Juber, Laurence - "LJ Plays The Beatles Vol. 2"
Juber, Laurence - "Soul of Light"
Juber, Laurence - "Catch LJ Live!"
Juber, Laurence - "Under an Indigo Sky"
Juber, Laurence - "Fingerboard Road"
Kabasser, Alex - "Dawning"
Kabasser, Alex - "Worlds"
Kardelen, Ali Deniz - "First Steps"
Kasab, Andrew - "Guitar.Tune.Art"
Keaggy, Phil - "Hymnsongs"
Keaggy, Phil - "Roundabout"
Keaggy, Phil & Mike Pachelli - "Two of Us"
Keaggy, Phil - "The Song Within"
Kean, Kerry - "New River Guitarism"
Kent, Pete - "The Hidden Hand"
King, Kaki - "Everybody Loves You"
King, Kaki - "Legs to Make Us Longer"
Kobetich, Darrin - "Free"
Koll, Harald - "Now"
Kosak, Jerry - "Sounds Like This"
Kosak, Jerry - "Yosarian's Dream"
Kottke, Leo & Mike Gordon - "Sixty Six Steps"
Kurosawa, Goh - "Hitori"
Laflamme, Claude - "Hors-d'oeuvre"
Lancaster, Kelly - "High Lonesome Gypsy"
Lancaster, Carter - "Case Closed"
Leeb, Thomas - "Desert Pirate"
LeFebvre, Aaron - "Ghost Town Windows"
Legg, Adrian - "Guitar Bones"
Legg, Adrian - "Slow Guitar"
Lemaire, Mark - "Equinox, Pieces for Guitar, Volume 2"
Lenée, Christie - "Stay"
Lombardi, Alberto - "Birds"
Lombardi, Alberto - "Fingerpicking Adventures"
Lopez, Arnaldo - "Someday"
Lopez, Arnaldo - "Live Life"
Loy, Eric - "Free Hand"
Loy, Eric - "Wackazoid"
Loy, Eric - "Trajectories"
Loy, Eric - "My Thoughts Exactly"
Loy, Eric - "Loy's Laboratory"
Lykins, Keith - "Shadowland"
Lykins, Keith - "Encryptions"
Magraw, Dean - "Foxfire"
Mathiske, Bruce - "Guitar Genius"
Mathiske, Bruce and George Golla - "Still Got My Guitar"
Mathiske, Bruce - "Rhythm Hunter"
Mathiske, Bruce - "The Mathiske Suites"
Mayer, Peter - "Elements"
McAlpine, Bob - "Energy Over Distance"
McFarlane, Ronn - "Indigo Road"
McGloin, Anthony - "Nightflight"
McKee, Andy - "Art of Motion"
McKee, Andy - "The Gates of Gnomeria"
McKee, Andy - "Joyland"
McKee, Andy - "Mythmaker"
McKone, John - "Here It Is"
McKone, John - "Times Too"
McLennan, Jim - "Six-String Gumbo"
McManus, Tony - "The Maker's Mark"
McManus, Tony - "Mysterious Boundaries"
McMeen, El - "Live"
McMeen, El - "The Lea Rig"
McMeen, El - "Breakout"
McMeen, El - "Dancing the Strings"
McMeen, El - "The Soul of Christmas Guitar"
McMeen, El - "At Home Picking... and Talking"
Meckes, Greg - "Moments of Clarity"
Melrose, Ian - "A Shot in the Dark"
Melrose, Ian - "Around the Corner in 80 Minutes"
Michailidis, Lucas - "Freshwater Road"
Michailidis, Lucas - "Laughing at the Thief"
Michael, Dorian - "Sycamore Creek"
Millecchia, Matt - "Silhouette of a Season"
Miller, Adam - "Delayed"
Miller, Peter - "Songs Without Words"
Mittino, Fabio & Bert Lams - "Long Ago"
Mize, Bill - "Joyful Noise"
Mize, Bill - "The Angel's Share"
Mize, Bill - "The Back of Beyond"
Mongrain, Erik - "Equilibrium"
Monti, Antonio - "Attorno al Fuoco"
Monti, Antonio - "Island"
Moore, Chris - "Renaissance"
Morgan, John - "The Journey-Places Real and Imagined"
Morgan, John - "Motionography"
Morgan, John - "Quiet World"
Morone, Franco - "Guitarea"
Morone, Franco - "Running Home"
Morone, Franco - "Miles of Blues"
Mucklow, Michael - "The View From Here"
Mucklow, Michael - "Silent Voices"
Navarro, Ken - "The Test of Time"
Neff, Dennis - "Finger Food"
Nelson, Mortimer - "Acoustic Syndrome"
Neri, Peter - "Dreaming of Home"
Nevels, Travis - "Freestyle Guitar"
Nevels, Travis & Austin - "Freestyle Guitar II"
Newman, Chris - "Still Getting Away With It"
Niedt, Douglas - "Pure Magic"
Osborn, Richard - "Endless"
O'Toole, Redmond - "October on Achill"
Pacheco, Tim - "Of Wordless Realms"
Pachelli, Mike - "Acoustic Painting"
Pachelli, Mike - "Simplicity"
Pairdown - "Aesthetic Guitar"
Paris, Martin - "Acoustically Speaking"
Pattis, Larry - "Random Chance"
Pattis, Larry - "Hands of Time"
Pattis, Larry - "What Tomorrow Brings"
Pearson, Gareth - "Urban Echoes, Vol. 1"
Pearson, Gareth - "Urban Echoes Vol. 2"
Perez, Fernando - "Six Strings Around the World"
Perry, Bill - "A Christmas Carol"
Perry, Bill - "Guitar Journeys"
Petteway, Al - "Shades of Blue"
Petteway, Al & Amy White - "Land of the Sky"
Posen, Martin - "Listening Hands"
Powell, Ben - "Preliminaries"
Pritchard, David - "Velocity"
Proctor, Chris - "Morning Thunder"
Proctor, Chris - "Close & Personal Friends"
Raitt, Donovan - "Strategic Tension"
Raitt, Donovan - "Pursuing the Horizon"
Reece, Ted - "Song For America"
Reed, Preston - "Handwritten Notes"
Régnier-Krief, Julien - "Ratmott Suite"
Richards, Ryan Michael - ""
RobbieJ - "The Road to Easterbrook"
Roberts, Tim - "Fox Hunt"
Robinson, George - "Refuge"
Robinson, George - "The Awakening"
Rose, Clarelynn - "Elegant Tern"
Rose, Clarelynn - "Meadow Run"
Ross, Don - "Huron Street"
Ross, Don - "Robot Monster"
Ross, Don - "Live in Your Head"
Ross, Don & Andy McKee - "The Thing That Came From Somewhere"
Ross, Don - "Breakfast for Dogs!"
Ross, Don - "Upright & Locked Position"
Ross, Don - "PS 15"
Roth, Arlen - "Drive it Home"
Roth, Glenn - "Welcome Home"
Ryche, Dylan - "Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar"
Ryche, Dylan - "Daydreamer"
Schnack, Ernesto - "A Work in Progress"
Schnack, Ernesto - "Worldbuilding"
Schultheiss, Axel - "Departure"
Schultheiss, Axel - "The Uplift"
Schultheiss, Axel - "On Wings"
Schulz, Kris - "While the City Sleeps"
Sebbag, Shaï - "En Equilibre"
Sgorlon, Davide - "Crossover"
Shalk, Sandy - "Newer Every Day"
Shalk, Sandy - "Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar in DADGAD"
Shalk, Sandy - "Further Adventures in DADGAD"
Sheehan, John - "Modern Man"
Simpson, Kim - "Mystery Lights"
Skanson, Darren & Hansen - "Wood"
Skanson & Hansen - "Two Guitars in Studio Two"
Smith, Doug - "Alone At Last"
Smith, Doug - "Alone Again"
Smith, Doug - "Guitar Parts"
Smith, Doug - "Guitar Hymnal"
Smith, Doug - "Six-String Paradox"
Smith, Doug & Mark Hanson - "Guitar Confluence, Live"
Smith, Doug B. - "A Slight Remove"
Smith, Patrick - "Scattered Hearts"
Smith, Richard & Jim Nichols - "Live at Boulevard Music"
Smith, Richard - "One Man Roadshow"
Smith, Pete & John Buckley - "Jack Spratt and all that..."
Sparks, Tim - "At the Rebbe's Table"
Sparks, Tim - "Roots, Rags & Blues"
Sparks, Tim - "Little Princess"
Sparks, Tim - "Post-Modern Fingerstyle Blues"
Sparks, Tim - "The Nutcracker Suite"
Sparks, Tim - "Chasin' the Boogie"
Spek, Matthijs - "Beyond"
Stillway, Jamie - "Mell of a Hess"
Stillway, Jamie - "Winter Rings"
Stillway, Jamie - "Jamie Stillway"
Stricagnoli, Luca
Sumidé, Masa - "The Collection"
Sundaug - "Nocturnality"
Stone Sweet, Alec - "Memory and Praise"
Tallstrom, Martin - "Acoustics"
Thomas, Alan - "The Long and Winding Road"
Tiernan, Paul & John Lester - "Live"
Tingstad, Eric - "Mississippi"
Tinh - "Acoustic Rain"
Titus, Jeff - "Wood Dragon"
Tozier, Jim - "Solo Guitar"
Tozier, Jim - "Guitar Pieces"
Traum, Happy - "I Walk the Road Again"
Tsukamoto, Hiroya - "Solo"
Tsukamoto, Hiroya - "Heartland"
Tsukamoto, Hiroya - "Places"
Turner, Art - "Jade"
Turner, Art - "Sonora"
Turner, Buzz - "The View From Here"
Valleau, Kelly - "Musica para la Guitarra"
Various Artists - "Friends of Fahey Tribute"
Various Artists - "Enough Talk"
Various Artists - "Morning"
Various Artists - "Clawhammer Guitar"
Various Artists - "Pink Guitar"
Various Artists - "La Guitara"
Various Artists - "Beyond Six Strings"
Various Artists - "Toronto Fingerstyle"
Various Artists - "Cole Porter: Delovely Guitar"
Various Artists - "The Woodchopper's Ball"
Various Artists - "Harp Guitar Dreams"
Various Artists - "My Favorite Martin"
Various Artists - "Poppin' Guitars"
Various Artists - "A Guitar For Elvis"
Various Artists - "Handmade Music"
Various Artists - "Further Beyond Six Strings"
Various Artists - "Everybody's Pickin' on Leiber and Stoller"
Various Artists - "The Water is Wide"
Various Artists - "This Guitar's in Love with You"
Vecchia, Roberto Dalla - "Unknown Legends"
Volk, Jim - "Blue Wheels... and other Guitar Favorites"
Volk, Jim - "Past Atmospheres - Present States"
Wahlsteen, Jimmy - "181st Songs"
Watson, Doc - "Milestones"
West, Jim Kimo - "Na Lani O Maui"
West, Jim "Kimo" - "Guitar Stories: Slack Key & Beyond"
Westwood, Lee - "To Sleep"
Westwood, Lee - "Nymph Suite and Other Stories"
Westwood, Lee - "Dragon"
Whisler, Michael - "Molehill"
Wildey, Steve - "Little Man"
Wildey, Steve - "Along the Way"
Williams, Brooks - "Guitar Player"
Woolman, Ben - "Wisdom/Delusion"
Wrigglesworth, Andrew - "In His Own Words"
Wunsch, John - "Looking Toward Leelanau"
Yoder, Tom - "The Moment the Apple Falls"
Yodice, Mark - "June Again"
Young, Doug - "Laurel Mill"
Young, Doug - "Closing Time"
Young, Michael - "Live From Fort Collins"
Youngman, David - "Alive"
Youngman, David - "Trust"
Youngman, David - "Christmas"


Acoustic Alchemy - "Roseland"
Acoustic Guitar Trio - "Acoustic Guitar Trio"
Acquesta, Ed - "String Spirits"
Amorim, Marcos - "Cris on the Farm"
Amorim, Marcos - "Portraits"
Anfass - "Belgo-Tunisian Project"
Anyone - "Anyone"
Arcamone, Dan - "Trioisms"
Arcamone, Dan - "In Motion"
Assad, Badi - "Chameleon"
Assad, Badi & Jeff Young - "Nowhere"
Assad, Badi - "Dança das Ondas"
Assad, Sérgio and Odair - "Live in Brussels"
Avatar - "Hands"
Azcano, Julio - "Nadear"
Azcano, Julio - "Distancias"
Barbosa-Lima, Carlos - "Merengo"
Barrueco, Manuel - "Nylon & Steel"
Bellinati, Paulo & Harvey Wainapel - "New Choros of Brazil"
Bellinati, Paulo - "Bellinati, Paulo"
Bertoncini, Gene - "Body and Soul"
Bleckmann, Theo and Ben Monder - "At Night"
Bormann, Stephan - "Songs From a Small Room"
Bourdeau, Paul & Shane Simpson - "Wild Rice"
Brockie, Ged - "The Last View from Mary's Place"
Bruskers - "addition +"
Bryant, Freddie - "Live at Smoke"
Buckingham, David - "The View"
California Guitar Trio - "The First Decade"
California Guitar Trio - "Andromeda"
Callier, Terry - "Alive"
Camilo, Michel & Tomatito - "Spain Again"
Campbell, Royce & Gene Bertoncini - "A Tribute to Charlie Byrd"
Campbell, Royce - "Solo Trane"
Cannon, Glenn - "Clockwork"
Jim Carr - "The Space Below"
Carter, Joe - "Two for Two"
Carter, Joe - "Both Sides of the Equator"
Chadwick, Roland & Nick Linnik - "String Theory"
Chop Shop Project - "Earth Music"
Coppola, Michael - "Voicings in My Head"
Corbi, Frank & Kevin Van Sant - "Tunes from Two"
Cortez, Chris - "Hold it Right There"
Cortez, Chris - "Awakenings"
Coryell, Larry, Badi Assad & John Abercrobie - "Three Guitars"
Costa, Yamandu - "Ida E Volta"
Costa, Yamandu - "Mafua"
Cullen, David and Michael Manring - "Equilibré"
Cullen, David - "In the Pocket"
De Holanda, Hamilton - "Brasilianos 2"
Demos, Ellen - "Osmosis"
K.J. Denhert - "Lucky 7"
Dienne Manouche - "Gypsy Bop"
DiMeola, Al - "The Grande Passion"
DiMeola, Al - "Elysium"
Douglas, Jerry - "Lookout for Hope"
Dowling, Mike - "Eclectricity"
Dyens, Roland - "Night and Day"
Dyens, Roland - "Anyway"
Dyens, Roland - "My Funny Valentine"
Eastern Blok - "Folk Tales"
Elias, Eric & Luke Nelson - "My Compliments"
Elias, Eric - "Solos, Duos, Trios & Quartets"
Elias, Eric - "Footprints"
Elstad, Jeff - "Cedar Moon"
Emery, James - "Luminous Cycles"
Evans, John Scott - "Above the Sun"
Faria, Nelson - "Nelson Faria"
Faux Frenchmen - "3 A.M. Waltz"
Ferra, Bebo & Paolino Dalla Porta - "Aria"
Finn, Joe - "Destiny Blue"
Fried, Fred - "Core 3.0"
Frisell, Bill - "Ghost Town"
Freeman, Russ & David Benoit - "The Benoit Freeman Project II"
Gaitsch, Bruce - "Sincerely"
Ganz, Keith - "Music for People"
Gates, Jack - "Bring the Flavors"
Gilfema - "Gilfema + 2"
Giry, Olivier - "Perspectives"
Gismonti, Egberto and Charlie Haden - "In Montreal"
Goldenberg, Mark - "Mark Goldenberg"
Goldenberg, Mark & Eric Skye - "Artifact"
Goodrich, David - "Accidentals of the West"
Goodrich, David - "Dust of Many Horses"
Gregory, Lloyd - "Free Fallin'"
Guitar Monks - "Songs For Oblivion"
Handler, Judy and Mark Levesque - "Acoustic Blend"
Hancoff, Steve - "The Single Petal of a Rose"
Hands on Strings - "Offroad"
Hands on Strings - "Loco"
Haque, Fareed - "Sacred Addiction"
Harduo - "Adamantis Haurora"
Hayden, Si - "Nylon... For Now"
Fareed Haque Group - "Cosmic Hug"
Harkness, Sean - "Aloft"
Harmonius Wail - "Gypsy Swing"
Hatfield, Ken - "Dyad"
Hatfield, Ken - "Phoenix Rising"
Hatfield, Ken - "The Surrealist Table"
Hatfield, Ken - "To Be Continued"
Hatfield, Ken - "String Theory"
Hatfield, Ken - "For Langston"
Hatfield, Ken - "12 Preludes for Solo Guitar"
Helton, Johann - "Songs Without Words"
Herzen, Jana - "Passion of a Lonely Heart"
Higginbotham, Rob - "With Hands Raised to the Sky"
Hiroki, Koichi - "So Quiet"
Hodges, Art - "Easy Living"
Holdsworth, Allan - "Flat Tire"
Hot Club of Philadelphia - "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams"
Isaac, Eduardo - "One For Helen"
Ivanovic, Goran and Fareed Haque - "Macedonian Blues"
Ivanovic, Goran and Fareed Haque - "Seven Boats"
Goran Ivanovic Trio
Goran Ivanovic Group - "The Goran Ivanovic Group"
Jácome, Chris Burton - "Levanto"
Janson, Peter - "Beautiful Day"
Jazz Mandolin Project - "Xenoblast"
John Jorgenson Quintet - "Ultraspontane"
John Jorgenson Quintet - "One Stolen Night"
Kanengiser, Bill - "Classical Cool"
Kapsalis, Andreas & Goran Ivanovic - "Guitar Duo"
Kapsalis, Andreas & Goran Ivanovic - "Blackmail"
Klugh, Earl - "Naked Guitar"
Klunker, Eberhard - "Lietzensee"
Krahn, Jerry - "No Wires Attached"
LaBrash Piltch Duo - "Nature's Play"
Tom Lagana Group - "Schematic"
LAGQ - "Guitar Heroes"
Lage, Julian - "Gladwell"
Lage, Julian - "World's Fair"
Lagrène, Biréli - "Move"
Lee, Amos - "Amos Lee"
Les Frères Méduses - "Live at Theatre Ducourneau"
Linstead, Johannes - "Midnight Rhumba"
Little Muddy - "The Road to Bodie"
Little, Geordie - "A Journey Into Seahorse Valley"
Little Spencer
LoPiccolo, Joe - "Passages"
LoPiccolo, Joe - "Night"
Lorador, Leonel - "Suave"
Loueke, Lionel - "Heritage"
Luc, Sylvain and Biréli Lagrène - "Duet"
Luc, Sylvain - "Ambre"
Machacek, Alex - "[sic]"
Magraw, Dean - "Unseen Rain"
Manndorff, Andy - "Pandora"
Marshall, Mike - "An Adventure"
Martin, Barbara & Mac Walter - "Touch the Sky"
McAllister, Matthew - "Maelasta"
McGarry, Kate & Keith Ganz - "Genevieve & Ferdinand"
McGowan, Sean - "Sphere (The Music of Thelonius Monk)"
McGowan, Sean - "My Fair Lady"
Metheny, Pat - "One Quiet Night"
Middleton, Andy (with Ralph Towner) - "Nomad's Notebook"
Midon, Raul - "Synthesis"
Might Could - "All Intertwined"
Miller, Tim - "Trio"
Milligan, Ross - "Passing Places"
Moore, Adam - "After School Guitar Club"
Moreira, Juarez & Ithamara Koorax - "Bim Bom"
Muthspiel, Wolfgang - "Drumfree"
Nadel, Don - "Brooklyn Prayer"
Najar, Nate - "Blues for Night People"
Najar, Nate - "Aquarela Do Brasil"
Neck Bros. - "Coude a Coude"
New Latitude - "Convergence"
New Latitude - "Vantage Point"
New West - "Sleeping Lady"
New West Guitar Trio - "Round-Trip Ticket"
New West Guitar Group - "Big City"
New West Guitar Group - "Send One Your Love"
Ocaña, Anthony - "Wet Fields"
Odamura, Shu - "Cloud Illusions"
Oliver, Steve - "Positive Energy"
Ordoñez, Josete - "Por El Mar"
Pachelli, Mike - "A Jazzy Guitar Christmas"
Pantazis, Jack - "With the Little We Have"
Paper Moon - "Miniatures"
Pearl Django - "Under Paris Skies"
Pearl Django - "Swing 48"
Pearl Django - "Eleven"
Pedrick Bitts Walker - "Three"
Pedrick, David - "Time Remembered"
Pereira, Marco - "Original"
Pereira, Marco - "Camerístico"
Petrucci, John & Jordan Rudess - "An Evening With"
Pieper, Paul - "Stories of Before"
Polon, Andy - "New York on 6 Strings a Day"
Post Jazz Mistress - "Global Warming"
Prager, Sandy - "Seattle Joe's"
Prager, Sandy - "Beyond Borders"
Quintero, Juan Carlos - "Las Cumbias... Las Guitarras"
Rafferty, Adam - "Three Souls"
Rocha, Ulisses - "Moleque"
Rood, Mike - "The Desert and the City"
Santiago, Daniel - "Metropole"
Saumarez, Victor - "Biding Time"
Saumarez, Victor - "Going Solo"
Scow, Eva & Dusty Brough - "Sharon By The Sea"
Sganga, Mark - "Sganga Nova"
Shout Sister Shout
Silveira, Ricardo - "Outro Rio"
Skye, Eric - "Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos"
Skye, Eric - "For Lulu"
Skye, Eric - "A Different Kind of Blue"
Snétberger, Ferenc - "Titok"
Stefanovski, Vlatko & Miroslav Tadic - "Krushevo"
Strunz and Farah - "Stringweave"
Sturm, Rolf - "Balance"
Sparks, Tim - "At the Rebbe's Table"
Stubblefield, Jim - "Encantado"
Sumidé, Masa - "The Collection"
Sumitra - "Indian Girl"
Szabó, Sándor - "Acoustic Poetry"
Szternsztejn, Gabriel - "Gabriel Szternsztejn"
Szternsztejn, Gabriel - "Cosas Sin Decir"
Taylor, Martin - "In Concert"
Taylor, Martin - "Last Train to Hauteville"
Taylor, Martin & Steve Howe - "Masterpiece Guitars"
Taylor, Martin - "One Day"
Tibbetts, Steve - "A Man About a Horse"
The Tolga Quartet - "I've Found a New Baby"
Tonos Triad - "Typewriters & Tarantulas"
Torvik, Gisle - "Tranquil Fjord"
Towner, Ralph - "Anthem"
Towner, Ralph - "Time Line"
Towner, Ralph - "My Foolish Heart"
Towner, Ralph and Wolfgang Muthspiel & Slava Grigoryan - "Travel Guide"
Traum, Artie - "Acoustic Jazz Guitar"
Tuck & Patti - "I Remember You"
Various Artists - "Christmas Treasures"
Turning Point - "Matador"
Umble, Jay - "Spirit Crossing"
Gilbert, Vance - "The Nearness of You"
Various Artists - "A Brief Episode"
Verheyen, Carl - "Solo Guitar Improvisations"
Wahlberg, Andy - "Sun Moon Star Sky"
Wang, Roger - "Journey Home"
Waterman, Rodney and Doug de Vries - "Água e Vinho"
Wedgle, Barry - "In Your Dreams"
Wedgle, Barry - "Paradise"
Wedgle, Barry - "Another Trane Ride"
Weingarten, Carl - "Local Journeys"
Wright, Dave - "Juniper Snowberries"


Acoustic Sydicate - "Long Way Round"
Adams, Jenn - "In the Pool"
Peter Bradley Adams - "Between Us"
Peter Bradley Adams - "The Mighty Storm"
Peter Bradley Adams - "A Face Like Mine"
Alice, Lisa - "Plans in Pencil"
The Allens
Anders, Eric - "Not At One"
Anderson, Edward David - "Lies & Wishes"
Anderson, Jamie - "A Promise of Light"
Anderson, Jamie - "Three Bridges"
Anderson, Jamie - "Better Than Chocolate"
Anderson, Jamie - "Dare"
Anderson, Kasey - "Harold St. Blues"
Andy & Denise - "Go"
Angel Band - "With Roots & Wings"
Avila, Jennie - "Naked in the Rain"
Balkey, Erik - "While the Paint Dries"
Balkey, Erik - "My Sacred Heart"
Barwick, Kathy - "In My Life"
Bearfoot - "American Story"
Bell, Nathan - "Black Crow Blue"
Bennett, Bob - "The View from Here"
Berardo, Marc Douglas - "As You Make Your Way"
Berardo, Marc Douglas - "Harbor"
Berardo, Marc Douglas - "Whalebone"
Berry, Robin Lee - "Ahna Kick a Hole in the Sky"
Berry, Robin Lee - "Weave Me a Parachute"
Bessey, Ethan - "Old Dogs, Something New"
Black, Jeff - "Tin Lily"
Black, Jeff - "Plow Through the Mystic"
Blue Mother Tupelo - "Only Sunshine"
Blumenfeld, Hugh - "Big Red"
Bonham, Glen - "Glen Bonham"
Booth, LJ - "The Road That Leads Me Home"
Bradshaw, Bob & Chad Manning - "Bag of Knives"
Bradshaw, Bob
Brady, Paul - "Oh What A World"
Brine, Mark - "For Karrie"
Brooke, Jonatha - "Live"
Browning, Randy - "Radical Rags"
Bucaro, Clarence - "Sweet Corn"
Bush, Sam - "King of my World"
Campbell, Kate - "Sing Me Out"
Caswell, Jud - "Blackberry Time"
Chapman, Tracy - "Where You Live"
Christie, Pete - "Frank"
Collins, Wes - "One Layer Down"
Colter, Jesse - "Out of the Ashes"
Common Strings - "The Rain Comes Down"
Conoscenti, Don - "Paradox of Grace"
Cook, Nick - "Uncooked"
Corday, Erin - "Painted Door"
Corley, David - "Available Light"
Cousino, David - "Wind Over Texas"
Cowan, Debra - "Fond Desire Farewell"
Cowdery, RJ - "One More Door"
Crookston, Joe - "Fall Down as the Rain"
Crookston, Joe - "Able, Baker, Charlie & Dog"
Culann's Hounds - "Year of the Dog"
Curreri, Paul - "Spirit of the Staircase"
Curreri, Paul - "The Velvet Rut"
Curtis, Catie - "Dreaming in Romance Languages"
Curtis, Catie - "While We're Here"
Daly, Jeremiah - "The Darkness Will Be Over Soon"
Daniels, Jennifer - "Dive and Fly"
Davis, Rachael - "Minor League Deities"
Davis, Rachael - "Antebellum Queens"
Deran, Arron - "MPLS"
Delmhorst, Kris - "Five Stories"
DeMeyer, Brigitte - "Savannah Road"
Denhert, K.J. - "Girl Like Me"
Devereux, Brendan - "Songs from a Yellow Chair"
DiFranco, Ani - "Sacramento 10.25.03"
DiJoseph, Stephen - "Hypnotized"
DiMicele, Alice - "Swim"
Doo-Kingué, Cécile - "Anybody Listening"
Douglas, Jerry - "Lookout for Hope"
Douglas, Jerry - "Best of the Sugar Hill Years"
Douglas, Barenberg & Meyer - "Skip, Hop & Wobble"
Doyle, John - "Shadow & Light"
Duhks - "The Duhks"
Duhks - "Migrations"
Duvekot, Antje - "Boys, Flowers, Miles"
Duvekot, Antje - "Big Dream Boulevard"
Duvekot, Antje - "The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer"
Earnhart, Brady - "Manalapan"
Easterling, Wyatt - "Divining Rod"
Elkin, Carrie - "The Jeopardy of Circumstance"
Erelli, Mark - "The Memorial Hall Recordings"
Erlewine, May - "Mother Lion"
Figueroa, Holly - "Dream in Red"
Fiske & Herrera - "Just Breathe"
Fiske & Herrera - "Till the Sea Disappears"
Fleet Foxes - "Helplessness Blues"
Foucault, Jeffrey - "Stripping Cane"
Foucault, Jeffrey - "Ghost Repeater"
Foucault, Jeffrey - "Horse Latitudes"
Fraser, Lisa - "Midday Songs"
Frazier, Rebecca - "When We Fall"
Fure, Tret - "Rembrandt Afternoons"
Geary, Mark - "33 1/3 Grand Street"
Genfan, Vicki - "Covers"
Gibson, Drew - "Letterbox"
Gibson, Drew - "The Southern Draw"
Gibson, Drew - "1532"
Gilbert, Vance - "One Thru Fourteen"
Gilbert, Vance - "Unfamiliar Moon"
Gilbert, Vance - "Angels, Castles, Covers"
Gilbert, Vance - "Old White Men"
Gilbert, Vance - "BaD Dog Buffet"
Glenn, Russ - "A Brand New Earth"
Gorka, John - "Bright Side of Down"
Grier, David - "Live at the Linda"
Nathan Griffin
Growling Old Men - "Chicken Feed & Baling Twine"
Gypsy Soul - "Beneath the Covers"
Hall, Andy - "The Sound of the Slide Guitar"
Halstead, Jenee - "The River Grace"
Hardin, Andrew - "Lost Pines"
Harris, Hank - "Here"
Hasbrouck, John - "Ice Cream"
Hasty, Cyndie - "Temptation"
Hendrix, Terri - "The Spiritual Kind"
Henke, Brian - "Raven King"
Herscovitch, Lara - "Juror Number 13"
Herscovitch, Lara - "Misfit"
Hest, Ari - "The Fire Plays"
Hillman, Chris - "The Other Side"
Holley, Claire - "Dandelion"
Hosking, Rita - "Burn"
Hot Buttered Rum - "Well-Oiled Machine"
Howlett, Jay - "American Ghost Town"
Hurst, Jim & Roberto Dalla Vecchia - "Atlantic Crossing"
Isbin, Gilbert - "Plays Nick Drake"
The Iveys
Iwancio, Paul - "Open Heart Stories"
Jenkins, Tim - "Yellow Folk Hillbilly"
Jewell, Eilen - "Boundary County"
Jewell, Eilen - "Letters from Sinners & Strangers"
John Byrne Band - "The Immigrant & The Orphan"
Jones, J.P. - "Salvation Street"
Jones, J.P. - "Jeremiah"
Jones, J.P. - "Thugs and Lovers"
Joses, Paul - "Roadstories"
Karlzen, Mary - "The Wanderlust Diaries"
Keir, Dave - "Uneasy Listening"
Keir, Dave - "Good Grief!"
Kelsey, Michael - "Michael Kelsey"
Kindleyside, Jamie - "kind-le-sid"
Kitchen, Alison - "Mercy Dancing"
Kleiner, David - "This Human Heart"
Kleiner, David - "The News That's Fit to Sing"
Klingaman, Steve - "Vanishing Point"
Knight, Chris - "Trailer II"
Knott, Lizanne - "Under the Burning Sky"
Knott, Lizanne - "Standing in the English Rain"
Krebs, Jeff - "Keep An Eye Out"
Kubat, Audra - "Untitled for Now"
Kurn, Emily - "Things Change"
Lage, Julian & Chris Eldridge - "Avalon"
LaMontagne, Ray - "Trouble"
LaMotte, David - "Good Tar"
Lane, Brianna - "Let You In"
Lang, Jeff - "Cedar Grove"
Larson, Cory - "Residence Called Destruction"
Lee, Amos - "Amos Lee"
Legaspi, Jay - "the.tale.and"
Levine, Susan - "Atlas"
Lewis, Laurie & Tom Rozum - "Guest House"
LinHart, David - "Lines into Circles"
Logan, Andy - "Last Dance on the Wild Frontier"
Lovett, Lyle - "Natural Forces"
Lowell, John - "I Am Going to the West"
Luckett, Erika - "My Little Crime"
Lynne, Shelby - "Suit Yourself"
Mad Agnes - "Magic Hour"
Maloney, Heather + Darlingside - "Woodstock"
Mandeville, Mark & Raianne Richards - "Grain by Grain"
Mamuse - "Integration of the Awkward"
Marshall, Mike & Darol Anger - "With Väsen"
Matthews, Iain - "A Tiniest Wham"
Mayer, Peter - "Elements"
Mayer, Peter - "Earth Town Square"
Mayer, Peter - "Heaven Below"
McCabe, Chuck - "Bad Gravity Day"
McClain, Laurie - "The Trumpet Vine"
McClain, Laurie - "Ascend"
McConnell, Sean - "Undone"
McCormick, Fergus - "I Don't Need You Now"
McCue, Anne - "Amazing Ordinary Things"
McCue, Anne - "Blue Sky Thinkin"
McDaniel, Kent - "About Time"
McDermott, Michael - "Willow Springs"
McDonnel, Kate - "Where the Mangoes Are"
McGraw, Dave & Mandy Fer - "Seed of a Pine"
McKnight, Andrew - "Beyond Borders"
McKnight, Andrew - "One Virginia Night"
McQuaid, Sarah - "The Plum Tree and the Rose"
McRae, Linda - "Rough Edges and Ragged Hearts"
Mercy Creek - "Another Place to Start"
Miles, Keith - "What it Was They Became"
Miller, Hannah - "O Black River"
Mills, Truck - "The Day After Yesterday"
Mission Street Project - "Liberty Tree"
Misty River - "Rising"
Misty River - "Willow"
Mitchell, Anais - "Young Man in America"
Monocle Band - "The Clearing"
Monroe, Michael - "IF"
Monroe, Michael - "Simple Life"
Monroe, Michael - "Wintersong"
Moore, Chris - "Figurines"
Morey, Frank - "Father John's Medicine"
Morey, Frank - "Cold in Hand"
Morey, Frank - "Made in USA"
Morris, Keith - "Candyapolis"
Moscatiello, Lisa - "Trouble from the Start"
Mountain Heart - "That Just Happened"
MSB Family Band
Mulvey, Peter - "The Trouble With Poets"
Mulvey, Peter - "Ten Thousand Mornings"
Mulvey, Peter - "Notes From Elsewhere"
Mulvey, Peter - "Letters From a Flying Machine"
Mulvey, Peter - "The Good Stuff"
Murante, Larry - "Water's Edge"
Murante, Larry - "Point of Entry"
Murante, Larry - "Patch of Sky"
Mustard's Retreat - "A Resolution of Something"
Mutual Admiration Society - "Mutual Admiration Society"
Myrick, Gary - "Waltz of the Scarecrow King"
Nachmanoff, Dave - "A Certain Distance"
Nachmanoff, Dave - "Time Before the Fall"
Nash, Jory - "Tangle With The Ghost"
Nelson, Drew - "Immigrant Son"
Nelson, Drew - "Dusty Road to Beulah Land"
Nelson, Drew - "Tilt-A-Whirl"
Nelson, John Mark - "Sings the Moon"
New Roots Duo - "Roots Run Deep"
New Time Ensemble - "A Year in Ireland"
Nickel Creek - "Why Should the Fire Die?"
Nickel Creek - "Reasons Why"
Nygaard, Scott & Crow Molly
O'Brien, Tim - "Cornbread Nation"
O'Keefe, Danny - "Runnin' from the Devil"
O'Keefe, Danny - "Light Leaves the West"
O'Reilly, Holly - "Gifts & Burdens"
Overbeek, Dustin - "I Can't Fly"
Parr, Charlie - "Barnswallow"
Paul, Ellis - "The Speed of Trees"
Paul, Ellis & Vance Gilbert - "Side of the Road"
Paul, Ellis - "The Day After Everything Changed"
Peters, Gretchen - "Blackbirds"
Pettis, Pierce - "Great Big World"
Phelps, Kelly Joe - "Sky Like a Broken Clock"
Phelps, Kelly Joe - "Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind"
Phelps, Kelly Joe - "Brother, Sinner & the Whale"
Phillips, Sam - "Fan Dance", reviewed 2/02
Po' Girl - "Vagabond Lullabies"
Porter, Willy - "High Wire Live"
Potts, Dave - "$12.99"
Powers, Kerri - "You, Me & a Redhead"
Powers, Kerri - "Kerri Powers"
Preston, Josh - "Exit Sounds"
Prine, John - "In Person & On Stage"
Professor and Maryann - "Professor and Maryann"
Pure Prairie League - "All in Good Time"
Pureka, Chris - "Back in the Ring"
Purpose, Darryl - "A Crooked Line"
Pynn, Nick - "In Mirrored Sky/Music From Windows"
Quiles, Maria & Rory Cloud - "Long Time Coming"
Railroad Earth - "Bird in a House"
Railroad Earth - "The Good Life"
Redbird - "Redbird"
Roach, A.J. - "Revelation"
The Robert Bobby Duo - "Folk Art"
Robinson, Dana & Susan - "Big Mystery"
Robinson, Dana & Susan - "American Hornpipe"
Rodgers, Jeffrey Pepper - "Almost There"
Rosser, Chris - "Hidden Everywhere"
Roth, Justin - "Now You Know"
Roy, Phil - "The Great Longing"
Ryman, Barb - "Falling Down to Heaven"
Ryman, Barb - "Catch the Sunset"
Ryman, Barb - "Earthbound"
The Sacred Shakers
Sawicki, Katie - "Time Spent Lost"
Schmidt, Danny - "Little Grey Sheep"
Schmidt, Danny - "Instead the Forest Rose to Sing"
Schmidt, Tim - "Slower Things"
Schneider, Bob - "I'm Good Now"
Seeger, Pete - "At 89"
The Shady Grove Band - "Back in Circulation"
Sheehan, John - "Modern Man"
Sheldon, John - "Sometimes You Get Lucky"
Shindell, Richard - "Not Far Now"
Sight Unseen - "The Twisted Man"
Simpson, Shane - "More Electric"
Simpson, Martin - "Kind Letters"
Slankard, Megan - "Freaky Little Story"
Smith, Dick - "Smoke Damage"
Smith, Doug B. - "A Slight Remove"
Smith, Mindy - "Long Island Shores"
Smith, Mindy - "Stupid Love"
Sonntag, John - "Chasing Stars"
Sorenson, Adam James - "Midweat"
Sproule, Devon - "Keep Your Silver Shined"
Starling, John & Carolina Star - "Slidin' Home"
Starr, Garrison - "The Sound of You and Me"
Steep Ravine - "The Pedestrian"
Steep Ravine - "Turning of the Fall"
Steppin' In It - "Simple Tunes for Troubled Times"
Stevens, Angie - "Queen of This Mess"
Stewart, Al & Dave Nachmanoff - "Uncorked"
JL Stiles - "House of Murmurs"
Strater, Charlie - "Thornhill Road"
Strings, Billy & Don Julin - "Rock of Ages"
Stuart, Chris & Backcountry - "Crooked Man"
Sutton, Bryan - "Not Too Far From the Tree"
Synodinos, Jean - "Lucky"
Synodinos, Jean - "Breathe"
Taylor, Chip & Carrie Rodriguez - "Let's Leave this Town"
Taylor, Livingston - "There You Are Again"
Taylor, Louise - "Velvet Town"
Thile, Chris & Mike Marshall - "Live Duets"
Thomas, Brendon - "Forever in Motion"
Thompson, Richard - "Acoustic Classics"
Thompson, Tim & Myles - "Crossing the Mojave"
Tice, Jackie - "Second Skin"
Tom & Emily - "Pancake Mamma"
Tomlinson, Michael - "Watching the Storm Roll In"
Trooper, Greg - "Upside-Down Town"
Trout Steak Revival - "Flight"
Troxel, Jeff - "November Sidewalk"
Tuvim, Kym - "On the Mend"
Tuvim, Kym - "Nothing Sweet Nothing"
Twiin - "Call to the Sun"
Twohy, Mary Sue - "Songs to Hang on Stars"
Tyson, Ian - "Songs from the Gravel Road"
Tyson, Ian - "Carnero Vaquero"
Vander Ark, Brian
Various Artists - "Sail Away, The Songs of Randy Newman"
Veitch, Michael - "Southern Girl"
Vincent, Gordon - "Confessions of a Hummingbird Farmer"
Wagner, Andrew - "thank you, but our princess is in another castle"
Wainwright III, Loudon - "Strange Weirdos"
Watkins, Sean - "Blinders On"
The Waybacks - "Devolver"
The Waybacks - "Burger After Church"
Webster, Lucy - "Keeping My Fingers Crossed"
Weiss, Anne - "Concrete World and the Lover's Dream"
Westbury, Eric - "Walking Tracks"
White, Amelia - "Beautiful and Wild"
White, Amy - "Golden Wing"
White, Amy - "Didn't We Waltz"
Wictor, Pat - "Heaven is So High"
Wictor, Pat - "This is Absolutely Real: Visions & Versions of Phil Ochs"
Wilcox, David - "Underneath"
Wilcox, David - "Into the Mystery"
Wilcox, David - "Vista"
Wilcox, David - "Reverie"
Williams, Tyson - "The Ripcord Recordings"
Winslow-King, Luke
Winslow-King, Luke - "Old/New Baby"
Winzinger, Heidi - "Honeysuckle Dream"
Wise, Alex - "Front Porch"
Wood Brothers - "Ways Not to Lose"
Yes the Raven - "Love is Covered in Dust"
Yonder Mountain String Band
Young, Adrienne - "The Art of Virtue"
Zacharin, Noah - "aLIVE!"
Zacharin, Noah - "Waiting on Your Love"
Zacharin, Noah - "Crow Dark Wind"
Zacharin, Noah - "Strange Rider"
The Zozo Sisters - "Adieu False Heart"
Zwig, Adam - "Cast Iron Letters"


Asbell, Paul - "From Adamant to Atchafalaya"
Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan - "20th Anniversary LIVE!"
Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan - "Happy Hour"
Bashor, Albert - "Cotton Fields of Dreams"
Benoit, Paul - "Ragpickers"
Bibb, Eric - "Home To Me"
Bibb, Eric - "Painting Signs"
Bibb, Eric - "Natural Light"
Bibb, Eric - "Booker's Guitar"
Bibb, Eric - "The Guitar Artistry of Eric Bibb"
Bibb, Eric - "Blues People"
Bibb, Eric & JJ Milteau - "Lead Belly's Gold"
Bibb, Eric - "Migration Blues"
Block, Rory - "Confessions of a Blues Singer"
Block, Rory, Maria Muldaur and Eric Bibb - "Sisters and Brothers"
Block, Rory & Stefan Grossman - "Country Blues Guitar"
Block, Rory - "Hard Luck Child"
Bonamassa, Joe - "Sloe Gin"
Bonamassa, Joe - "Live at Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening"
Bourke, Jook - "My Mojo's Just Too Weak"
Bourke, Jook - "Just a Minute"
Brown, Kevin - "Mojavé Dust"
Brownbird Rudy Relic - "Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues"
Buffalo, Norton and Roy Rogers - "Roots of Our Nature"
Chadwick, Roland - "Native Tongue"
Clapton, Eric & JJ Cale - "Road to Escondido"
Cohen, Andy - "Built Right on the Ground"
Collins, Andy - "Barron Delta Blue"
Collins, Andy - "Lake St. Serenade"
Collins, Sugarcane - "Way Down the River"
Cooder, Ry - "Election Special"
Copeland, Les - "Don't Let the Devil In"
Cortez, Chris - "Hold it Right There"
Cortez, Chris - "Mum is the Word"
Cotton, Chris - "I Watched the Devil Die"
Cowley, Paul - "Rural"
Cox, Doug & Salil Bhatt - "Slide to Freedom"
Davis, Guy - "Legacy"
Davis, Guy - "Teller of Tales (DVD)"
Davis, Voo - "Midnight Mist"
Dawson, Steve - "Solid States & Loose Ends"
Denhert, K.J. - "Girl Like Me"
Dion - "Bronx in Blue"
Dion - "Tank Full of Blues"
Donohue, Pat and Mike Dowling - "Two of a Kind"
Donohue, Pat - "Freewayman"
Dowling, Mike - "Blue Fandango"
Dowling, Mike - "Tracks"
Dowling, Mike - "The Blues Ain't News"
Edwards, Honeyboy - "Roamin' and Ramblin'"
Eisinger, Ari - "The Ragtime & Blues Guitar of Blind Blake (instructional DVD)"
Ellis, William Lee - "Conqueroo"
Ellis, William Lee - "God's Tattoos"
Fafard, Joël - "Cluck Old Hen"
Feldmann, Tom - "DVD: The Gospel Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt"
Feldmann, Tom - "The Guitar of Fred McDowell"
Feldmann, Tom - "Lone Wolf Blues"
Feldmann, Tom - "Delta Blues & Spirituals"
Feldmann, Tom - "The Guitar of Skip James"
Feldmann, Tom - "Dyed in the Wool"
Fetters, Pete "Big Dog" - "Deep"
Flower, Mary - "Bywater Dance"
Flower, Mary - "Bridges"
Flower, Mary - "Misery Loves Company"
Ford, Robben - "Supernatural"
Geremia, Paul - "Love, Murder and Mosquitos"
Gogo, David - "Bare Bones"
Gogo, David - "Come on Down"
Goose, Ramon & Modou Touré - "The West African Blues Project"
Greene, Alastair - "A Little Wiser"
Grossman, Stefan - "How to Play Ragtime Guitar"
Grossman, Stefan - "Buckets of Rain"
Gutpuppet - "Gutpuppet"
Guy, Buddy - "Blues Singer"
Halford, Jeffrey - "Railbirds"
Harris, Corey - "From Mississippi to Mali"
Harris, Hank - "Here"
Hasbrouck, John - "Ice Cream"
Hasbrouck, John - "Some These Days"
Hawkins, Ernie - "Bluesified"
Hawkins, Ernie - "Mean Little Poodle"
Hawkins, Ernie - "Rags & Bones"
Hawkins, Ernie - "Whinin' Boy"
Hawkins, Ernie - "Deep Texas Blues: The Early Blues of Lightnin' Hopkins"
Hawkins, Ernie - "The Ragtime & Blues Guitar of Big Bill Broonzy"
Hawkins, Ernie - "Monongahela Rye"
Hull, Dakota Dave - "This Earthly Life," "Heavenly Hope"
Izaak, Brandon - "Here on Earth"
Jacobs-Strain, David - "Ocean or a Teardrop"
Jacobs-Strain, David - "Live From the Left Coast"
Johnson, Dennis - "Rhythmland"
Johnson, Orville - "Freehand"
Johnson, Miller & Dermody - "Deceiving Blues"
Jones, Lloyd - "Highway Bound"
Karch, Adam - "Moving Forward"
Karp, Peter & Sue Foley - "He Said She Said"
Knott, Richard - "Long Story Short"
Lang, Jeff - "Cedar Grove"
Langford, Tim (Too Slim) - "Broken Halo"
Lemhouse, Mark - "Big Lonesome Radio"
Lemhouse, Mark - "The Great American Yard Sale"
Lugosch, Eric - "Revision: The Music of Gary Davis"
MacLeod, Doug - "Dubb"
McLean, Big Dave - "Faded But Not Gone"
McLean, Big Dave - "Better the Devil You Know"
Mason, John-Alex - "Town and Country"
Manx, Harry - "Mantras for Madmen"
Menabo, Roberto - "Il Profumo del Vinile"
Metsa, Paul & Sonny Earl - "White Boys Lost in the Blues"
Montgomery, Monte - "Monte Montgomery"
Mooney, John - "All I Want"
Morin, Cary - "Cradle to the Grave"
Muldaur, Geoff - "The Guitar Artistry of Geoff Muldaur"
Parr, Charlie - "Stumpjumper"
Payne, Ernie - "Coercion Street"
Phillippe, Bill - "Ghosts"
Phillippe, Bill - "Parade"
Pinchin, Sean - "Rust Bucket"
Polon, Andy - "New York on 6 Strings a Day"
Price, Joe - "Rain or Shine"
Quiett, Terry - "Just My Luck"
Ragpicker String Band
Reddick, Paul - "Revue"
Rishell, Paul & Annie Raines - "A Night in Woodstock"
Rishell, Paul - "Talking Guitar"
Robb, Terry - "Resting Place"
Robillard, Duke - "Acoustic Blues and Roots"
Rush, Bobby - "Raw"
Sandell, Lisa - "Little Reason"
Seznec, Cory - "New Orleans Fingerstyle Blues"
Smither, Chris - "Train Home"
Smither, Chris - "Time Stands Still"
Southern, Ernie - "Prozac Blues"
Southern, Ernie - "Every Day is a Fight"
Sparks, Tim - "Sidewalk Blues"
Sparks, Tim - "Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook"
Stiles, JL - "Solo Sessions"
Strater, Charlie - "Thornhill Road"
Stuart, Alice - "Can't Find No Heaven"
Sultan, Kenny - "Guitar Blues"
Taylor, Otis - "Below the Fold"
Synodinos, Jean - "Lucky"
Walker, D.B. - "Funny Feeling"
Williams, Brooks - "Blues & Ballads"
Williams, Brooks - "The Time I Spend With You"
Williams, Brooks - "Baby O!"
Williams Jr., Cal - "I Loved You With All the Madness in My Soul"
Williams, Tim - "So Low"
Wood, Jon - "One to Five"
Zacharin, Noah - "aLIVE!"
Zydeco Hounds - "Repeat Offender"


23 Current - "Curve of the Universe"
Adams, Jenn - "In the Pool"
Ahmad, Abby - "The Rearview," "
Ahmad, Abby - "Curriculum"
Amos, Shawn - "Thank You Shirl-ee May"
Art House Cinema
Bell, LeRoy - "Two Sides to Every Story"
Bell, LeRoy - "A Change is Coming"
Bierschbach, Ken - "Somewhere Out There"
Big Blue Hearts - "Here Come Those Dreams Again"
Bizer, Jim - "Closer to the Surface"
Blasey, Scott - "Travelin' On"
blowuphollywood - "blowuphollywood"
blowuphollywood - "Fake"
Blue Giant - ""
Bonner, Matt - "Signs of Passing"
Bourgeois Gypsies - "Blue Morning"
Bowe, Leslie - "Gypsy"
Brady, Paul - "Oh What A World"
The Brightwings - "Stay"
Brooke, Jonatha - "Live"
Brooke, Jonatha - "Back in the Circus"
Brooks, Colin - "Chippin' Away at the Promised Land"
Buckingham, Lindsey - "Under the Skin"
Buckingham, Lindsey - "Gift of Screws"
Burstein, Jonah - "Rough Demos"
Buskin and Batteau - "Red Shoes and Golden Hearts"
Campbell, Jeff - "Stop and Go"
Cantinero - "Better for the Metaphor"
Cardinal Trait - "You Already Know"
Carey, Todd - "Revolving World"
Carlson, Daniel - "Now"
Casabianca, Salvatore - "Curve"
Casabianca, Sal - "Living Between the Bridges"
Casabianca, Sal - "Shell Games"
Clifford, Mike - "Day Dreamer"
Clifford, Mike - "Stay in Motion"
Close, Gabe - "Leave That Light On"
Coadic, Colleen - "You Feel this Good"
Cole & The Makeout Scene - "Gala Was a Tiger"
Compton, Kathy - "Recovering Humans"
Compton, Kathy - "Gentle Ravings Under a Martian Sky"
conley, Eli - "At the Seams"
Connor, Justin - "Behind the Sun"
Daniels, Chris, The Kings & Friends - "The Spark"
Dave Pittenger Band - "Photographs to Nowhere"
DeLaroque, Remy - "Carol's On My Mind"
Dennen, Brett - "So Much More"
Dill, Dave - "Heaven"
Dill, Dave - "See You in the Sunshine"
Dormlife - "Roses are Blue"
Down the Line - "For All You Break"
Down the Line - "Home Alive"
Dreamsicles - "Luv Songs for Grownups"
Eaton, Jeff - "Wish You Were Here"
Eli Young Band - "Level"
English, Aaron - "The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon"
Errico, Mike - "Tonight I Drink You All"
Errico, Mike - "All In"
Ezra Thomas - "The Weight of Being"
Fallon, Adam - "Slightly Used"
Farewell Milwaukee - "FM"
Farley, Mike - "Moments and Memories"
Fetters, Rob - "Saint Ain't"
Figueroa, Holly - "How It Is"
Firefall - "Colorado to Liverpool"
Five Wise - "Out of Line"
Fresh Breath - "The Speed of Sound"
Furtado, Tony - "These Chains"
Gaito, Mike - "Beard of Bees"
Girlyman - "Supernova"
Glass House - "Long Way Down"
González, José - "Veneer"
Goodspeed, Jenny - "Under the Ash Tree"
Grabiel, Marlee - "Ready or Not"
Grace, Chris - "Compulsion"
Guster - "Keep it Together"
Hackbarth, Andy - "Panorama Motel"
Hall, Tony - "Seven Falls"
Hall, Trevor - "Trevor Hall"
Harper, Ben - "Lifeline"
Harrison, Joel - "Passing Train"
Hawkes, Greg - "The Beatles Uke"
Hay, Colin - "Transcendental Highway"
Hay, Colin - "American Sunshine"
Hayes, Meghan - "Go and give the Guard a Break"
Heinegg, Max - "By June"
Hibbets, Bill - "Bricks & Trees"
Hiding in Public - "What Lies Ahead"
Hillman, Bob - "Welcome to My Century"
Hindson, Anthony - "It's a Curious Life"
Holder, Terry - "Ticket to the Moment"
Hootie & the Blowfish - "Looking for Lucky"
Robin Horlock Band - "EP"
Horrocks, John - "Heart and Soul"
Houston, Chip - "Chasing the Dark"
Howard, Russell - "City Heart"
Howe, Steve - "Natural Timbre"
Hurley, James - "The Sun and the Moon"
Hurley, James - "Tempest in a Teacup"
Hurley, James - "Voice and Guitar"
Iadanza, Joe - "Traveling Salesman"
India.arie - "Acoustic Soul"
Indigenous - "The Acoustic Sessions"
Indigo Girls - "Poseidon and the Bitter Bug"
James, Mike - "Tinkling Bernice"
Jantz, Michael - "Snapshots of the Universe"
Jemo - "Jemo"
Johnson, Eric - "EJ"
Johnson, Jack - "In Between Dreams"
Johnson, Jen - "Sleeping with the Lights On"
Jones, J.P. - "Life and Death"
Jones, Rickie Lee - "Duchess of Coolsville"
Jurdi, Ed - "Long Shores Drive"
K's Choice - "Little Echoes"
Katz, Steve - "Barricades"
Keaggy, Phil - "Hymnsongs"
Keim, Paul - "Spanish Skies"
Kelsey, Michael - "The Way It Rolls"
Kelsey, Michael - "Michael Kelsey"
Keneally, Mike - "Wooden Smoke"
Kimbrough, Will - "Wings"
Kimbrough, Will - "Sideshow Love"
King, Kaki - "Junior"
Klump, Justin - "Something for September"
Kyle, Ben - "Ben Kyle"
Lane, Brianna - "Radiator"
Lane, Mark - "Golden State of Mind"
Lang, Jeff - "Cedar Grove"
Larsen, Myrrh - "Unstrung"
Laswell, Greg - "Three Flights from Alto Nido"
Lemon - "Weight of the World"
Lennon, John - "Acoustic"
Lennon, John - "Acoustic"
Lester, John - "Big Dreams and the Bottom Line"
Levy, Adam - "The Heart Collector"
Liddell, Paul - "Milestones and Motorways"
Loyd, Julie - "The Waiting Room"
Loyd, Julie - "All That You Ask For"
Lynne, Shelby - "Suit Yourself"
Mallonee, Bill - "Amber Waves"
Mara & David - "Sixteen Secrets"
Mara & David - "Call it Freedom"
Martin, Terence - "The Last Black and White TV"
Martin, Todd - "Time for Good"
Matthews, David - "A Fall Too Far"
May, Todd - "Rickenbacker Girls"
McCain, Edwin - "Messenger"
McCain, Edwin - "Lost in America"
McCue, Anne - "Amazing Ordinary Things"
McCue, Anne - "Roll"
McCue, Anne - "East of Electric"
Means, Steve - "Rescue Me"
Meckfessel, Steve - "Under Beautiful Skies"
Michaels, Drayton - "Low Stress in the Deep End"
Mike Eldred Trio - "Baptist Town"
Adam Miller - "Shifting Units"
Milstead, John - "Sides of the Soul"
Miracle Mile - "Glow"
Miracle Mile - "Limbo"
Miracle Mile - "Coffee and Stars"
Miraglia, Danielle - "Box of Troubles"
Montgomery, John - "One Step Away"
Moodie, Damond - "Fishin' for Words"
Moodie, Damond - "Daydreamer"
Moodie, Damond - "Wrestling with Giants"
Morris, Elliott - "As the Waves Come In"
Morus, Gwilym - "Word on the Border"
Morrison, Van - "Still On Top"
Murphy, Mark - "To Find You There"
Nachmanoff, Dave - "Worldless Rhymes"
Nate Jones Band - "EP"
Native Son - "Spirit"
Newbould, David - "The Long Way Home"
Nick Strange Band - "Stray Dog Serenades"
Niznik, Fred - "The Renaissance LP"
O'Connor, Steve - "Roll the Dice"
O'Keefe, Danny - "Runnin' from the Devil"
Orly - "Orly"
O'Tuama, Eamon - "Behind Every Life"
Ott, Carey - "Lucid Dream"
Ott, Carey - "Human Heart"
Park, Jeremy - "Phase I"
Park, Daniel - "These Illusions"
Patton, Brandon - "Should Confusion"
Petrucci, John & Jordan Rudess - "An Evening With"
Phillips, Glen - "Swallowed by the New"
Phillips, Sam - "Fan Dance"
Preeta - "In this Moment"
Rabb, Ben - "Until It's Gone"
Radigan, Terry - "The Breakdown of a Breakup"
Randomvariate - "Compendium"
Regan, Amy - "And Then There is This"
Renoir - "Renoir"
Regine, Dina - "Be As It Will"
Risen, Phil - "Things are Different Now"
Robertson, Stuart - "Years Between Us"
Robinson, Jimmy - "Vibrating Strings"
Robinson, Jimmy - "Guitarworks"
Robinson, Jimmy - "Three"
Rogers, Lee - "Drawing Clocks"
Rohan, Joe - "Walk Along"
Rohan, Joe - "These Days"
Rosales, A.J. - "Resistor"
Rosales, A.J. - "Ultramarine"
Rose, Stacie - "This is Mine"
Rose, Stacie - "Shadow & Splendor"
Roth, Justin - "Shine"
Rothberg, Michael Adam - "Soul of a Man"
Rouse, Josh - "Under Cold Blue Stars"
Rugg, Emma - "Isolated Impression"
Sandrin, Diego - "A Fine Day Between Addictions"
Saxon, Jeff - "Truthteller"
Schneider, Bob - "I'm Good Now"
Schneider, Roy - "Erleichda"
Sexton, Martin - "Fall Like Rain"
Shannon, John - "American Mystic"
Shannon, John - "Songs of the Desert River"
Shannon, John - "Time Was a Lie"
Simpson, Shane - "More Electric"
Slang - "Blue"
Slankard, Megan - "Freaky Little Story"
Slankard, Megan - "A Little Extra Sun"
Slankard, Megan - "A Token of the Wreckage"
Sleepy River - "The Funeral Birth of a Tree"
Spekki Chris - "Now in 3D"
Stop, Tim - "Shadowbox"
Straw Dogs - "Any Place At All"
Straw Dogs - "Hum of the Motor"
Stroker, Derek - "Love & Colour"
Sumitra - "Indian Girl"
Swensen, Josh - "I'll Call You When I Reach Two Harbors"
Swirsky, Seth - "Instant Pleasure"
Swirsky, Seth - "Watercolor Day"
Tabitha & The Turn - "Tabitha"
Tammany Hall NYC - "Back in the Bottle"
Taylor, James - "Covers"
Telly - "Free Music For Sale"
Teo, Pete - "Rustic Living for Urbanites"
Thomas, Brendon - "Forever in Motion"
Toothpick - "Time Travelin' Couch"
Topley, William - "Spanish Wells"
Townhall - "The New Song"
TrueHeart - "The Road"
Unruh, Steve - "Challenging Gravity"
Vance, Foy - "Joy of Nothing"
Vincent's Chair - "The New Vibe"
Viv - "Flawed"
Wagner, Andrew - "thank you, but our princess is in another castle"
Walkie Talkie - "Twilite at Spanish Castle"
Wates, Rupert - "Coast to Coast"
Wates, Rupert - "Dear Life"
Wates, Rupert - "At the Loser's Motel"
Wates, Rupert - "The Rank Outsider's Ball"
Wates, Rupert - "Colorado Morning"
Watts, Jon - "The Art of Fully Being"
White, Paul - "On the Detour"
Wild Bores
Williams, Cristina - "What Did I Do?"
Women in Docs - "Under a Different Sky"
Wonderful Johnson - "Authentic Memphis Samich"
Woods, Matt - "Something Surreal"
York, Hans - "Inside Out"
York, Hans - "Young Amelia"
Yerkey, Stephen - "metaneonatureboy"
Yoakum, Jess - "This Quiet Mile"
Zapen, Rebecca - "Japanese Bathhouse"


Acoustic Guitar Trio - "Acoustic Guitar Trio"
Anfass - "Belgo-Tunisian Project"
Assad, Badi - "Chameleon"
Assad, Badi & Jeff Young - "Nowhere"
Assad, Sérgio & Odair with Paquito D'Rivera - "Dances for the New World"
blowuphollywood - "blowuphollywood"
blowuphollywood - "Fake"
Bogdanovic, Dusan & Bruce Arnold - "Aspiration"
Böhm/Reuter/Lantos - "String Unit"
Buttery, Guy - "Guy Buttery"
Chop Shop Project - "Earth Music"
Cissoko, Ablaye & Volker Goetze - "Sira"
Cooder, Ry and V.M. Bhatt - "A Meeting by the River"
Duchesne, André - "Réflexions"
Dukic, Zoran - "Balkan Muses"
Eastern Blok - "Folk Tales"
Frisell, Bill - "Ghost Town"
Gripper, Derek - "One Night on Earth"
Hackett, Steve & John - "Sketches of Satie"
Hindson, Anthony - "It's a Curious Life"
Helvacioglu, Erdem - "Altered Realities"
Holdsworth, Allan - "Flat Tire"
Hurtado, Ciro - "Los Angeles Blues"
Isbin, Gilbert - "Twins"
Janson, Peter - "Beautiful Day"
Kalkan - "Planet Kalkan"
Kastning, Kevin & Sándor Szabó - "Resonance"
Kastning, Kevin - "Otherworld"
Klein, Sharon - "The Way Back Home"
Kolosko Dimow Duo - "Border Crossings"
Los Guitarristas - "Paisajes de Sudamérica"
Maal, Baaba - "On the Road"
Malia, Tina - "The Silent Awakening"
Montfort,Matthew - "Seven Serenades for Scalloped Guitar"
Nadaka - "Celebration"
Nadaka - "Living Colours"
Nadaka - "Live in Paris"
Ocaña, Anthony - "In Trance"
Pritchard, David - "Vertical Eden"
Pritchard, David - "Unassigned Territory"
Pritchard, David - "Among the Missing"
Sahnas - "Odyssey"
Stefanovski, Vlatko & Miroslav Tadic - "Krushevo"
Stevig, Tev - "Jeni Jol"
Strunz and Farah - "Stringweave"
Szabó, Sándor & Kevin Kastning - "Parallel Crossings"
Tadic, Miroslav - "Window Mirror"
Tibbetts, Steve - "A Man About a Horse"
Various Artists - "Morning"


Albert, Benoît - "Paysage Hypothétique"
Alki Guitar Trio - "Alki"
Alki Guitar Trio - "Corpus"
Alma Nova - "Debut"
Alma Nova - "Classic Guiliani"
Alma Nova - "After Hours"
Andia, Rafael - "Recueil des Pièces de Guitare Composées"
Amadeus Guitar Duo - "Baroque Moments"
Arboreal Quartet
Assad, Badi - "Dança das Ondas"
Assad, Sérgio and Odair - "Live in Brussels"
Assad, Sérgio and Odair - "A Brazilian Songbook"
Assad, Odair - "El Caminante"
Australian Guitar Duo - "Songs From the Forest"
Avers, Randall - "Man in the Moon"
Azuma, Cristina - "Dreams"
Barbary Coast Guitar Duo - "Suites for 2 Guitars"
Barbosa-Lima, Carlos - "Beatlerianas"
Barrueco, Manuel - "Nylon & Steel"
Bergström, Mats - "Francisco Tarrega, Guitar Music"
Bissoli, Andrea - "Villa-Lobos: Complete Guitar Manuscripts"
Boyd, Liona - "Camino Latina"
Boyd, Rupert - "Fantasias"
Brandon, Amy - "Scavenger"
Brasil Guitar Duo - "Leo Brouwer: Music for Two Guitars"
Brazilian Guitar Quarte - "Plays Villa-Lobos"
Brock, Aaron - "Toccata"
Brown, Adam - "The Rebels Within"
Brown, Adam - "Gladios"
Brown, Adam - "Without Limits"
Callobre, Tim - "The Beginning"
Calmes, Keith - "All We Know is Now"
Canadian Guitar Quartet - "Mappa Mundi"
Carelli, Chris - "Anthology"
Cauvin, Thibault - "No. 4"
Chadwick, Roland - "One"
Chadwick, Roland - "The Wild Romantic"
ChromaDuo - "Hidden Waters"
ChromaDuo - "Ravel/Debussy: Music for Two Guitars"
Claremont Duo - "Iberiana"
De Castro, Perfecto - "A Journey Through 10 Strings"
de la Bastide, Miguel - "Siento"
Dez Cordas - "Gone Away"
Dez Cordas - "Pilgrimage"
Dorsey, Christopher - "Antiguo Canto"
Duo Amaral - "Suplica"
Duo Amaral - "Textura"
Duo Erato - "Musings"
Duo Gvito - "Retrospect"
Duo Joncol - "Luz de Iberia"
Duo Orfeo
Duo Siquiera Lima - "Um a Um"
Dyens, Roland - "Night and Day"
Dyens, Roland - "Naquele Tempo"
Dyens, Roland - "Nuages"
Eddy & the Esoteriks - "Music From the House With Four Chimneys"
Eos Guitar Quartet - "Jürg Kindle - The Guitar Quartets"
Eos Guitar Quartet - "Live"
EphenStephen Guitar Duo - "Goldberg Variations, BWV 988"
Fampas, Eva - "Plays Dmitri Fampas"
Fantoni, Marcello - "Tomás Marco, Works for Guitar"
Field, Hilary - "Premieres"
Fish, Matthew - "From Her Source to the Sea"
Forshee, Zane - "Initial"
Les Frères Méduses - "Modern Guitar Duets"
Frevo Quartet - "Histoire du Tango"
Gilliat, John - "Beyond Boundaries"
Goodman, Alan - "Romance, Revenge, Redemption"
Gothenburg Combo - "Seascapes"
Grisha - "Homenaje a Sabicas"
Guitar Monks - "Songs For Oblivion"
GuitArt QuArtet - "Gismontiana"
Gunderson, Marius Noss - "Visual Music"
Halász, Franz - "Henze: Guitar Music 2"
Hancoff, Steven - "The Six Suites for Cello Solo (J.S. Bach)"
Handler, Judy & Mark Levesque - "Two Guitars, Live!"
Hatfield, Ken - "Etudes for Solo Guitar"
Hayden, Si - "The Four Seasons"
Healy, Eddie - "Direction"
Hemmo, Philip - "Romantic Works for Classical Guitar"
Hemmo, Philip - "The 20th Century Guitar"
Hemmo, Philip - "Guitar Recital"
Henderson-Kolk Duo
Hii, Philip - "Chopin's Nocturnes"
Houghton, Alex - "Happybody"
Hovhaness, Alan - "Guitar Concerto No. 2"
Howe, Steve - "Time"
Isaac, Eduardo - "One For Helen"
Isaac, Eduardo - "Baroque"
Ivanovic, Goran and Fareed Haque - "Macedonian Blues"
Ivanovic, Goran and Fareed Haque - "Seven Boats"
Jakobsen, Ólavur - "Awake My Soul and Sound Your Strings"
Jeong, Johnna - "Solo Me"
Joncol4 - "Aires de Andalucia"
Kastning/Siegfried - "Bichromial"
Kastning/Siegfried - "Scalar Fields"
Kolosko, Nathan & Dan Cosley - "Enso"
Kraft, Norbert & Jeffrey McFadden - "Fernando Sor: 24 Progressive Lessons, Op. 31, 6 Little Pieces, Op. 32"
Krawiec, Grzegorz - "Journey-Podróz"
Kumela, Petri & Joonas Widenius - "Fantasia Andaluza"
LAGQ - "Guitar Heroes"
Large, Duane - "Plucked String Theory"
Levin, Adam - "In the Beginning"
Levin, Adam - "Plays Morales-Caso"
Lexington Guitar Trio - "Dragons, Moods and Safaris"
Liberzon, Yuri - "Ascension"
Lin, Steve & Joseph Williams II - "Eliot Fisk Guitar Series, Vol. I"
Lin, Steve - "Imagen"
Luis, Nonato - "Nonato Toca Beatles"
MacDonald, Rob & The Madawaska String Quartet - "Images"
Madiedo, Cristina Pérez - "Eliot Fisk Guitar Series Vol. II"
Mamedkuliev, Rovshan - "Guitar Recital"
Masters, Martha - "Viaggio in Italia"
Matos, Iliana - "Angels in the Street"
McAllister, Matthew - "Merula"
McAllister, Matthew - "Bach & Brouwer"
McClelland, Vincea - "Classique!"
McFadden, Jeffrey - "Agustín Barrios: Guitar Music 3"
Mesirca, Alberto - "Scarlatti Sonatas"
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet - "Over Land And Sea"
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet - "Pictures at an Exhibition"
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet - "Dances of Spain and Argentina"
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet - "Thrum"
Mitsalas, Thanos - "Music by Sergio Assad"
Mitsalas, Thanos - "Contemplation"
Mitsalas, Thanos - "Sergio Assad: Chamber Works for Guitar and Strings"
Modern Guitar Trio
Modern Guitar Trio - "At the Rococo Café"
Möller, Johannes - "Guitar Recital"
Morris, Scott - "Phonology: The Music of Erik Satie for Guitar"
Mouffe, Jérôme - "Capriccio"
Mueller, Roland - "Guitar Favorites"
North, Nigel - "Bach on the Lute"
Ogden, Craig & Alison Stephens - "Souvenirs"
Pacific Guitar Ensemble - "Begin"
Papkoff, Jessica - "Impressions"
Parkening, Christopher - "Concerto for Guitar"
Pasero, Stevan - "Twelve Shades of Night"
The Pedrick-Hutson Guitar Duo - "Environs"
The Pedrick-Hutson Guitar Duo - "The Seas are Deep"
Pereira, Marco - "Valsas Brasilieros"
Pereira, Marco - "Original"
Perera, Cecilio
Rabello, Raphael - "Cry, My Guitar"
Rabello, João - "Roendo as Unhas"
Robinson, Stephen - "Imagine"
Rosette Guitar Duo - "Rosette Guitar Duo"
Rush, Emma - "Canadiana"
Russell, David - "The Grandeur of the Baroque"
San Francisco Guitar Quartet - "Silhouette"
Sargent, Jonathan - "Little Cathedrals"
Scannura, Roger - "Encore"
Scottish Guitar Quartet - "Landmarks"
Sete, Bola - "Live at Grace Cathedral"
Skanson, Darren Curtis - "Solamente Romanz"
Skanson, Darren Curtis - "A Quiet Moment"
Skanson & Hansen - "Two Guitars Can Change the World"
Smith, Tracy Anne - "Lilac.Star.Bird"
Sung-Hô, Denis - "Leo Brouwer: Concierto Elegiaco; Danzas Concertantes; Quintet"
Tadic, Miroslav - "Window Mirror"
Threefifty Duo - "Circles"
Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson - "New World Flamenco"
Titlestad, Gjermund - "Map of the World"
Trimble, Luke & Matthew Keating - "Lines, Color & Form"
Trybek, Edward - "Portrait Of"
Trybek, Edward - "Images of Spain"
Tsiboulski, Aleksandr - "Australian Guitar Music"
Towner, Ralph - "Anthem"
Vianna, Aliéksey - "Plays Sérgio Assad"
Vieaux, Jason - "Play"
Yang, Xuefei - "Si Ji"
York, Andrew - "Into Dark"

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